Will an Underwire affect my Milk supply or Cause Damage to my Breast Tissue?

There have been many myths over the years as to why the maternity bra does not have an underwire in it, but through much research, there has been no physical evidence of an underwire causing damage to any women who is feeding, anywhere in the world, that would not have actually had an issue regardless of the type of bra she was wearing. The fact is that the wire doesn’t flex to allow the cup to fold down and the most comfortable shape is a triangle type shape as it suits the release clip perfectly, and an underwire will not fit into a triangle shape. This being said, the development used in the Free to Feed is a low line flex wire that allows the side of the cup to roll down. There is not a true high impact sports bra on the market that doesn’t have an underwire, as it would have to rely on compression to achieve such support, and this is detrimental to the milk supply and duct health.

Are they Australian Made?

You will find great comfort and pride in knowing that the Sports Bras is Completely Designed and Manufactured in Australia, using local and imported products. All Manufacturing has occurred in Sydney and all Research, Designing and Sampling and Packaging is located in Wollongong, Just south of Sydney. Mother Connection is Proud to support the Australian Fashion Industry and will continue to develop styles suited to Mothers and Women with Larger Bust sizes, as the Brand grows and develops. By supporting Australian Made you are supporting local jobs and Keeping the industry alive.

Are there more styles, sizes and colours coming soon?

You better believe it, the designs are being sampled as we speak and tested for fit and comfort and they include:

·         a legging suited for stomach support and aids in recovery

·         a medium impact Maternity sports bra

·         activewear tops to complement the collection

·         version 2 of the Free to Feed High Impact sports bra that will be available from D through       to G cup sizes. 

·         colour variations of the sneaky pink sections that are seen through the mesh

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If I Subscribe, will I receive a lot of spam emails?

No Way, I personally can’t handle deleting spam on an hourly basis so I wouldn’t do it to my loyal customers. By subscribing your data helps to know what type of bra you are after and cup size data and also put you on the list for new release emails. By Following Mother connection on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you will find out about the specials and coupon codes and where you may find a pop up fitting station. We only want to give our customers the best and promise that no spam will be sent out. Upon Joining a Welcome message will come through.

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