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est. 2015

Can You Relate?

You’ve managed to get to the gym while baby is asleep but you know baby will be hungry when you come back and all you want to do is feed baby and calm baby down so that baby is happy and content and got a full tummy of milk and then you can go off and organise yourself.

But because you’re wearing a sports bra AND a crop top to keep the ‘girls’ down, you have to get completely undressed. So you’re a hot, sweaty half undressed mess and baby is still crying because she is hungry and you are completely stressed out because all you want to do is feed baby.

Hello, I’m Sarah!

And that is something that I can relate to. Wearing a normal sports bra and trying to exercise never worked. Even if I could time it right between breastfeeds my daughter would always end up needing a feed whether it was mid-workout, straight after or even later that day but I still hadn’t had a moment to take a shower and was still in my workout clothes.

Talking to mothers all around the world I quickly realised that I wasn’t alone. So many mother’s were either worried about exercising because of the pain from their milk-filled boobs bouncing or were wearing two bras to hold their ‘girls’ down which made it incredibly hard to give their baby access when they were ready to feed.

So I contracted Amanda to help me and we designed Free to Feed Nursing Sports Bra. It’s a high impact, bounce reducing nursing sports bra made for breastfeeding mothers and our unique needs.

The Business Now!

Sarah’s amazing idea has come to fruition and her life has changed direction and in an effort to continue this amazing product into the market place and provide Nursing mothers with the support and freedom to be healthy while they continue to provide the natural nourishment to their baby, I, as the designer, felt it was only a natural progression to take over this label from Sarah and allow her to follow her other chosen paths.

Hi, I’m Amanda, I was contracted by Sarah to design, sample and manufacture this amazing bra and it is a project i was emotionally invested in, having suffered the same issues that Sarah had while i was feeding. After talking with several other nursing mothers, I knew that there was a definitive hole in the market place for an item of this calibre and i intend to continue to educate mothers on the importance of their health in order to provide the baby with sustigan they require to grow into strong toddlers.

This product is Completely Designed and Manufactured in Australia to the highest of standards and is proud to provide jobs for the fashion industry of Australia.

The Progression of the Label has had to cater for non feeding wome as well with larger cup sizes and that is how Mother Connection has progressed into ALT Active. All styles that rae for Nursing will come under teh Mother Connection Banner and all styles will be under teh Brand ALT Active. I hope there is no confusion while this transition happens. Thank you for your patience while production is in progress.



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